We foster responsible consumerism in fashion based on beauty, refinement and purity.


Equilibrium means balance – and sustainability is the balance between economy, environment and social equity. We equally value people and creativity, environment and profit. We strive for an equilibrium in fashion. Join us.

We don't think of clothes as disposable. We offer timeless fits and cuts, re-released in editions with different materials from the finest mills, most innovative manufacturers and skilled artisans. We create individuality through diversity in our campaigns and we appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Most of us know which materials our clothes are made of, yet we know nothing about their story — their origins are untraceable. Whilst behind the scenes, the industry is causing large-scale social and environmental problems.

As a population, humans currently consume more from nature than our planet can actually produce each year. Fashion is a huge part of this overconsumption, which leads directly to pollution. In fact, the industry produces astronomical amounts of pollution, second only to the oil industry. It’s responsible for 10% of the total carbon output on Earth, 20% of fresh water pollution, and 25% of chemical production worldwide. Additionally, cotton production is the number one industry sector when it comes to child employment and forced labour. All of these factors highlight the importance for change to us. At pré, we aim to contribute to that change by offering you a superior choice.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester are not biodegradable, yet it will soon make up more than 90% of fiber production, and moreover those fibers already make up 85% of all the man-made materials found on the Earth’s shorelines. New studies suggest that the synthetic microfibers that permeate into the ecosystem through washing could be poisoning our waterways and food chain on a massive scale.

At the same time, as consumers we throw away massive amounts of clothes every year, sometimes without even being worn at all.

If we are serious about changing out habits towards a sustainable future, we need to address fashion as well. The choices we make have a profound impact on our planet as well as the lives of those involved in the process.

pré is a return to the ancestral essence of luxury – the thoughtful purchase, artisan manufacture, and beauty of materials in its broadest sense. While you may assume luxury is something you can’t afford, we’re proving the opposite. Our model of order-based production and direct sales isn’t only a waste elimination philosophy; the efficiency embodied in this distribution process guarantees that you can buy our garments at very reasonable prices.

When it comes to ensuring ethical manufacturing, the key is to understand each step in the supply chain. Transparency is one of our strongest commitments and therefore, you’re able to trace each product's story by going to the ‘transparency’ section of our website.

We work hard to keep our environmental impact low by combining different factors: plant based dyes, natural yarns and fibers, strictly audited factories, and technologically advanced and innovative production methods. As a result, at the end of their life cycle, our products are 100% biodegradable.