pré offers sophisticated yet affordable everyday garments made using
sustainable and ethical production methods and available via pre-order


Materials of superior quality, skillful craftsmanship and a production process mindful of nature and humans is our foundation.

We team up with design talents, both industry insiders and newcomers, to design pieces independent of trends.

By having a network of partners throughout the production process, we are able to carefully choose each one to match our principles of ethical manufacturing at the highest environmental standards and, at the same time, we can closely monitor each step along the way.

After successfully developing a product, we make it available for pre-order on


Studies estimate that 30% of all clothing produced never even reaches the consumer due to massive overproduction. This is costly not only for business, but also and more importantly, for the environment. The pre-order process allows us to eliminate the environmental cost and offer the clothes at an affordable price due to reduced inventory costs and lower risk, meaning we can operate with much smaller margins.


Manufacturing and logistics will take between two to five weeks, varying by design. You can check on your purchase's production status by logging into your account.

As soon as fabrication is complete, we provide delivery using climate neutral shipping from our partner DHL. Each edition has a unique reference.

Retrace the production process of your garments by meeting the people who made them, from design to fabrication, in the 'partners' section of

You'll find that our prices and profits are fully transparent in each garment's product description.

Each garment will be available for pre-order on our website during a two week period in which a minimum number of orders will need to be placed.

You only pay for your purchase if the minimum number of orders is reached. You can always return items you've purchased, but since we only produce upon order, please choose carefully.

To ensure you order the correct size, input your measurements into our carefully developed size guide.

Once the minimum number of pre-orders is reached, your purchase will be completed and the production of your order will begin.