Most large fashion retailers are taking advantage of you, their production chain, and the environment – which often makes the prices unjustly high, the quality low and the ecologic consequences disastrous.
Our solution: producing only what you really want. We collect orders and produce and ship them economically and ecologically: all at once. Pre-order from our permanent collection of selected essentials and have them delivered to your door within 4-5 weeks.



Not only does this prevent overproduction, but also the costs of middlemen and storage. This efficiency reflects in our surprisingly affordable prices. Nevertheless all of our products are made under ethical, fair and environmentally correct conditions.
The extended waiting time is a trade-off that we believe is worth it. The time you spend is ultimately saved in the lower price and the extended durability of our clothes. pré garments are the foundation of a wardrobe and they’re made to endure the seasons – in style and quality.


We prove all of our claims through our transparency policy. Visit our transparency section to see which materials we use, who produces our clothes and how they’re shipped.



Returns are accepted free of charge. We try our best to describe the product’s fit and size as precisely as possible, but if you’re still unsatisfied with your order upon its arrival, we’ll take back unworn garments in original packaging free of charge.